I want to know what you are thinking about when you read the literature about education reform?  What are the implications for camp?  What is our position/s?  How do children learn?  How do children and youth learn mastery and competence?  What did it look like?  What does it look like?  What might it look like?  What has endured?  What must endure?  What are we willing to fight for?

What is our contributary value when people are thinking about putting together a 12 month ‘learning’ environment?  What are you reading to be sure you are equipped and informed?

Have you seen the movie 200 million minutes?  Have you read the Global Achievement Gap?  Have you read Spark? What do yu think I should be reading?

We must remember form follows function.  So let’s be a part of the ‘function’ so we are not left out of the ‘form’.