Boom - Imagination!!

I was re-scanning the book, The World is Flat. I do that from time to time - go back and revisit books I have enjoyed. Every time I do so, I find another gem or something that speaks to me in a way it had not previously.

So, I am looking at the book and found this paragraph. Therefore, thinking about how we stimulate positive imaginations is of the utmost importance. As Irving Wladawsky-Berger, the IBM computer scientist, put it to me: We need to think more seriously htan ever about how we encourage people to focus on productive outcomes that advance and unit civiliation - peaceful imaginations that seek to minimize alienation and celebrate interdependence rather than self-sufficiency, inclusion rather than exclusion, openness, opportunity, and hope rather than limits, suspicion, and grievance.

Wow, does that speak to ACAs current angst, or not, with 2020? Not easy, just not easy. It demands we work from a philosophy of abundance rather than scarcity during very difficult times. The character of our human imagination will be tested.