DC Influence

Okay, I am guilty!!! I have ignored this blog for far too long. No one will probably read it now. I am so sorry.

That said so much has been happening particularly around the idea of reframing the education reform discussion.

In collaboration with ACAs legal firm, IceMiller LLC, we now have an executive office space in Washington, D.C.. I, and several others, will be in and out of D.C. at least two weeks each month. I leave tomorrow for my second visit this month. Our reception has been incredibly positive. What has been most remarkable is that we are seeing the impact of our current relationships and partnerships and they are having a positive impact on our presence in D.C.. It is clear that we are not only recognized for the work we do, but our body of knowledge is admired by many in D.C.. Our research on outcomes, best practices, and healthy camps is adding value to our conversations that are taking place especially around the subject of education reform. Our professional development work as a result of our new body of knowledge is also being encouraged and adopted by others. Apparently, many other organizations are visitng the ACA Web site to view our research and partnerships.

We also just completed a camp/school partnership survey and that information will be available SOON. Last week when I was visitng with staff at the Americas Promise office they asked if we might have such data available. I was so pleased to tell them wed have some early data in another week or so. They are mapping all the at risk schools in the country and would love to cross reference the location of camps with those schools in need of community partnerships. They, too, see camp as a viable expanded learning environment.

I promise more to come..and not so long!