How Many

At the end of the day, it is all about more and better. We use so many words that attempt to define our structure, processes, bureacracies, services, members, etc. And, it is true, I love words. Words are great building blocks for learning. But when you stack blocks far too high they often topple over. Often, lofty goals are described with simplicity so they dont crumble under their own weight. Hence, more and better. More kids and better camps. Yikes, again the motto on the ACA fireplace - Better camping for all.

So, in this light, I was talking to several staff members today about how many kids have a camp experience today. Well, so many questions full of words. Well do we mean traditional camps or the plethora of camps parents send their children today? Are we talking quality experiences - or not? Are we talking kids or does the diversity of the campers matter? Are we already at 20 million kids if it is just about more? Suddenly, the purpose of the 2020 vision, the movement, and cause of more and better was crumbling under the weight of the literal translations. I wondered if the math was more important than the cause? I wondered if the call to action - the name - 2020 vision - was more important than the cause itself. Is it important, or not, to see that more children receive better camp experiences today and tomorrow? Okay, fine - we will call it 2020 squared, if we find it necessary.