Life/Skills Career Journal

Many of you will be working at camp this summer as a camp counselor. Consider your opportunities and how to maximize those opportunities well beyond the summer months. I would like to ask you to consider keeping a Life/Skills Career Journal this summer. Many of the skills and competencies that you will use this summer will demonstrate 21st century skills that employees will be seeking. Let me give you a few examples -

Chapter One: Flexibility and Adaptability

Consider the varied roles and responsibilities you will have the chance to experience this summer.

Chapter Two: Initiative and Drive

How do you utilize and manage your workload? How do you learn when it is time to listen and time to speak?

Chapter Three: Productivity and Accountability

Think about how you share a positive attitude. When you behave ethically, even when it might be hard. Consider your reliability and collaborative spirit.

Chapter Four: Leadership and Responsibility

How do you problem solve and help others do so. How do you inspire people.

Chapter Five: Higher Order Skills

When do you practice analytical skills? synthesizing information, observing patterns, and discerning meaning?

Record your best thinking. Reflect and be aware of what you are doing. These skills will serve you well in your career and personal life. And remember, oral history is a tradition at camp. Campers are going to need these 21st century skills, as well. Share your learnings with your campers.