Reframe the Issue

As the debate continues around education reform and summer learning loss, ACA is advocating that we re-frame the issue. What do children and youth need in order to learn? What conditions and experiences cause a young person to be ready to learn? The solution must be child-centric. Teaching children to pass standardized tests doesnt necessarily teach them to think for themselves. Placing children in traditional education environments longer does not necessarily prepare them for life.

ACA has been reaching out to organizations and institutions to re-frame the current discussion around education reform in an attempt to introduce the importance of understanding how children learn - not pass the test. Our national board of directors and a number of our volunteer committees that work on media relations, public policy, and research are doing the same - suggesting an alternative assessment of the problem and the solutions. Many of the questions I have posed in the past are the questions we have asked ourselves as we have prepared to proactively respond to the debate.

Learning is active. Camp is active and child/youth centric. We are a part of the solution.