Why would more parents want to send their children to camp? Why would more youth serving professionals want to join ACA? I believe there are many positive, legtimate responses to those questions. Let me share one that, for me, has surfaced in the past couple of weeks. We are a professional community that contributes to the greater good.

Kids gather. It is developmental, that is what they do. In a world that has parents fearful of so many things; child abduction, disease, drugs, and the list goes on and on - I, as one of those parents, would prefer my child gather in a community that has prepared for health and safety issues and is precautionary by design - camp.

For instance, this summer camps, parents, health officicals, and campers are learning important lessons in the management of the influenza-like virus. The awareness and development of positive wellness habits are taking place across the country in camps. Not only does this illustrate the power of collaborative relationships dedicated to the health and safety of children but demonstrates our shared belief that kids should still be able to be kids. Better yet, this fall millions of campers and parents will be returning to their schools in possession of well understood and practiced wellness habits that will only help manage the spread of the influenza-like virus when the real flu season decends upon us. Value, today and tomorrow.

The camp community is a preparedness community practicing protective behaviors and relationships. A place of value where professionals want to share and learn best practice and, yes, where kids want to gather.