Wishing Doesnt Make It So

When I was a kid, like most kids, I spent a great deal of time wishing for things. Wish I had new shoes. Wish I had a new bike. Wish I was as pretty, popular, or smart as the person I was jealous of on that particular day. My mom used to respond, Wishing wont make it so. Shed always tell me hard work, scarifice, and a dose of good luck would get me a lot closer to all of my wishes.

Here I am, an adult, still wishing. I wish more people recognized the value of the camp experience. I wish more parents sent their children to camp. I wish more donors would think of the camp experience and ACA when writing checks. And, my mom is still whispering in my ear, Wishing wont make it so.

So, what kind of hard work and scarifice will help us facilitate the change needed to bring the camp community transformative value in the next century? There are so many challenges. There are obstacles that will be difficult for us to directly influence: the economy, the changing marketplace, and societal values. That said we can most certainly address those challenges from a position of intentionality and well-articulated strength. Yet, directly impacting a significant change in those areas is limited, if not impossible. On the other hand, one of our challenges is the unintended consequences that some of our dated structure and processes have on our unrealized and undervalued potential. I do believe we can have a direct and significant impact on that challenge. And, as mom says, with a good dose of luck who knows what we can achieve?